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We’re proud to be a leader in producing architectural shapes from expanded polystyrene foam (EPS).

At ProFoam, we provide an extensive selection of expanded polystyrene foam shapes, from the traditional to the exotic, adding exciting new dimensions to existing and new structures. These unique products are available for both interior and exterior applications.

We specialize in custom shapes in any style or dimension, either uncoated or precoated with ProFoam’s impact-resistant BaseCoat™. Also, we can arrange for complete on-site installation of any of our manufactured products.

Save Time and Money!

ProFoam's expanded polystyrene shapes are easy to install and can save significantly over wood and traditional plastering techniques. Using ProFoam shapes affords savings on framing, lathing and plastering materials, as well as the associated labor costs.

Framing labor and materials cost less because wood and wire are replaced with less expensive expanded polystyrene foam shapes.

Lathing labor and materials cost less because lathing detail, corner aid and ribbon lath may be eliminated with expanded polystyrene foam shapes.

Plastering costs less because expanded polystyrene foam shapes can be coated and applied directly to brown coat.

Highest Quality Available

ProFoam shapes are cut from high-quality expanded polystyrene. Each shape is dimensionally stable, moisture resistant and lightweight. ProFoam shapes are available in several weight grades to meet every design and production need. They are also available precoated with ProCoat BaseCoat™. Each shape is precision cut to meet the most stringent quality and design standards.

Infinite Design Choices

At ProFoam, we can create any shape you need. We specialize in hard-to-cut cylindrical, curved or radius shapes. Choose from our catalog of door and window moldings, columns, arches and decorative flourishes, to create your own shape and add a unique look to your next project.

Superior Coatings and Adhesives

As the leader in foam manufacturing, ProFoam has developed ProCoat BaseCoat™ and ProCoat Adhesive™, proprietary formulas for installation and coating.

Easy Installations

ProFoam shapes can easily be applied to exterior stucco or interior drywall. With our ProCoat Adhesive, shapes can be installed in a matter of minutes.

Wide Variety of Finishes

As the leader in finishes, ProFoam offers and exclusive line of durable interior finishes including a flat finish (for paint), stone textures and wallpapers. For exterior finishes, our ProCoat BaseCoat offers the highest quality stucco-ready product.

Professional Services

ProFoam has years of experience in the design, manufacture, installation and coating of foam products. We are available to assist you with the design of your project, answer any technical questions you may have and, of course, quote your project.